In our Vocal lessons students are taught proper breathing technique, they also learning how to use their voice by going up and down scales on the piano with their instructor, this helps to learn proper pitch and how to sing in key, We also have a state of the art vocal room where they pick songs they like and sing along to with backing tracks.

TJ’s Music has been teaching since 1997, we are one of a few schools left teaching, we attribute that to our learning strategies. Students are very happy when they can sing a song they are familiar with and it intrigues them to want to keep learning. Now let’s get our kids off those crazy gadgets and using their creative minds while seeing results and slowly progressing into a musician.

Option 1

Lesson cost and break down - Each music lesson is 30 minutes, one on weekly with one of our professional Instructors. at $27.50 - min 4 lessons total cost $110.00 tax included for a month

Option 2

When registering for 3 months worth of music lessons, the cost is reduced to $25.00 per lesson for 30 minutes, one on one, weekly with one of our professional Instructors. A total of 12 lessons for $300.00 tax included.

Your Vocals Instructors: