At TJ’s Music, we teach traditional, as well as non-traditional lessons. If some of you are wondering what the difference is, traditional is learning how to read notes and non - traditional is more of a hands on approach. We find all students learn differently so our teaching strategies are based on what works best for each individual studen. In today’s fast paced world, most succeed with the hands on approach. When teaching this style, students enjoy the instrument more because they get to teach their fingers proper dexterity, with proper hand technique and rhythm classes, while working through a song they enjoy playing.

TJ’s Music has been in operation since 1997. We are one of a few Music Schools still in operation. We attribute that to our learning strategies. Students are very happy when they can play a song they are familiar with and it inspires them to want to keep learning. Now let’s get our kids off those crazy gadgets and using their creative minds, while seeing results and slowly progressing into talented musicians.

Your Mandolin Instructors: