The Studio

The Studio

TJ's School of Music is Simcoe County's only full service music production facility. Located in Innisfil, Ontario the facility houses a music school as well as a 24 track+ digital hard disk recording studio. The studio is the areas premiere digital recording facility. With state-of-the-art equipment and our knowledgable staff we not only promise a great sounding product but an enjoyable experience as well. .

Located in Inissfil, Ontario just an hour north of Toronto, studio is a state-of-the-art multi-track digital recording facility that offers numerous services. Most importantly, it is a place where musicians, engineers and producers of all styles can focus on their creativity in an affordable, relaxed environment. TJ Claudio and his team of experienced engineers and producers are versed in modern digital recording techniques as well as old school analog technologies. The studio has an impressive collection of instruments, amplifiers, microphones and mic pre’s. Music production, song writing, voice talent, and CD duplication are just some of the services provided at the studio. We approach each project with complete integrity. Through the synergistic efforts of top rated, musicians, producers and engineers, the team at the studio delivers an ultra high-quality product everytime at an end-cost that is surprisingly affordable. We look forward to discussing how we can assist you with your next project.

Where most studios are concerned with only the recording process, TJ’S Music can also help you in creating your music. Solo artists can take advantage of an exstensive network of quality musicians and a compliment of real and virtual instruments. Even without a band or songwriting partner you can still make your music "happen".
TJ’s Music Recording Studio is a 24+ track digital hard disk facility that utilizes Steinberg's Nuendo Media Production System. We can record anything and everything from ensembles to solo artists from heavy metal to classical. All projects are recorded at 24bit/48KHz ensuring the highest quality results. Being a digital studio allows for ease of recording, editing and a flexibilty that simplifies the creation of music.

You've recorded your last track and now it's time to put it all together. Mixing not only allows us to adjust volume and panning but gives us an opportunity to paint a picture with sound. And like a painting, we have a lot of colours or in this case FX that we can use. Reverb, delay, chorus, flanger, phaser, compressor, noisegates and equalisers are just a few of the FX that we have available to help us paint a picture for the listener. A mix can be a very simple or very complex process depending on the song and care should be taken at this point to ensure that your picture is what you invisioned.

You've tweaked your mix to get the perfect sound. You are now ready to master it. This is the last chance to maximize your music not only for the listener but in a competitive way for the music industry. It's the final creative step and the last opportunity to do any modifications that might take the song to the next level.
Your music is now complete and you need to get copies made. Wether you need 1 copy or 500+ copies we can help you complete the package. We've partnered with local CD duplication facilities that can simply make copies or can offer a complete professional quality product with artwork and shrinkwrapping. Whatever you choose, "The Underground" can help you get your music out there.

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