TJ’s Music has been in operation since 1997. We are one of a few Music Schools still in operation. We attribute that to our teaching strategies. TJ’S Music is dedicated to providing high quality, affordable instruction and performance opportunities to students, regardless of age, or ability. It is the mission of TJ’s Music to inspire in students a life-long love of music and the arts. We believe excellent instruction and expert individual education in the arts continue to be an important and vital factor in the welfare of all people. We believe the arts give meaning and wholeness to all human existence, extending from the life of the individual, to the community and ultimately, to our entire civilization.

TJ’s Music offers distinguished music education. Traditional instruction is appropriate for students of all ages, including adults, and instruction is available from beginner to advanced levels. There are several factors that must be present in order for music instruction to be successful.

They are:

  • Highly trained Professional Musicians and Instructors working within a supportive school environment.
  • We train the ear right alongside the eye as students begin to encode and decode the language of music.
  • An engaged parent (or other caregiver) who is committed to the value of an aesthetic education for their children. Students will enjoy their musical educational experience more when they feel the support of their parent or significant other.
  • An environment filled with beautiful music

What students and parents can expect:

  • Instructors who believe it is their responsibility to develop to the fullest the ability and talent of each and every student.
  • Comprehensive, high quality, affordable instruction
  • Music theory, sight reading
  • High quality performance opportunities
  • Making a long-term commitment. The benefit of a music education comes over time.

A few points to remember:

  • The study of music teaches discipline, endurance and sensitivity.
  • Every student has the ability to learn.
  • The study of music teaches students to be more human—in short, to live better lives. And, that is why we teach music!
  • We find all students learn differently so our teaching strategies are based on what works best for each individual student.


All lessons are with one of our Professional Instructors, one on one, weekly for 30 minutes. All lessons cost $27.50 across the board for Electric, Acoustic & Bass Guitar, Mandolin, Ukulele, Banjo, Piano, Drums and Vocals, which works out to $110.00 (tax included) for a month. On some occasions where there are 5 weeks in the month, the rate would then be $137.50.

Payment can be remitted in cash, post-dated cheques or via eTransfer. When sending eTransfers, please send to and make your password “music”. We do not accept credit cards or debit.

Please note, we work on the same calendar as the Simcoe County District School board, so when they are closed for holidays, we are too!

Your Ukulele Instructors: